About Our Farm
Heartland Egg Farm offers cage-free, farm fresh eggs gathered daily in northeast Missouri and delivered to area stores.
What started out as one 4-H student's project grew into a business after he graduated the 4-H program. In August of 2007, the business was officially launched with the addition of several hundred laying hens.
Today, over 5000 hens provide beautiful, brown eggs to families throughout the region. Eggs are collected by hand, candled, washed, weighed, graded, and packaged for each customer. The hens are fed “all-natural” healthy Hubbard Feed distributed locally by Fleer Feed in Lewistown, Missouri.
Heartland Egg Farm is one of only a few sources for local commercial-grade eggs raised in Missouri. The eggs arrive on store shelves within days of being laid, and they meet or exceed all state egg standards in the industry. Heartland Egg Farm is licensed for distribution to customers in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.
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